Rosteco Broken Arrow AT1533  Born 2007 32"
Sire: Byways Tuscany King AB0357
Dam: Stepley Bow Belle AK0185
29/03/2011 passed Voluntary Vet Inspection

Wotknotts Cedric AW1226 Born 2009 30.5"
Sire: Wotknotts Conquest AQ2415
Dam: Tawna Celandine AQ1431
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Stepley Volcano Husk AS1963  Born Sept 2006 41"
Sire: Stepley Oscar AC0537
Dam: Veletas Verity AE0754

07/10/2011 passed Voluntary Vet Inspection


Stepley Troy AH0027  Born 1998 41"
Sire: Highwood Loyalty AC2838
Dam: Stepley Tarryanna 14929



Stepley Oscar AC0537 Born 1993 41.5"
Sire: Rockwood of Marshwood 3421
Dam: Orrie of Mousa 14015
Oscar was the breed representive at Olympia in 1998 after his first year under saddle,
since then he has been busy with his in hand show career and as a supportive father to his foals.
In 2005 Oscar was put back under saddle to compete in the 1st SPSBS stallion grading scheme.

Looking good at 23yrs young